Thursday, 30 December 2010

Trailer Apocalypse - My comments on the Suckerpunch trailer

And here is my first trailer commentary in english!
And why in english, when my diction is so fuckin' bad? Well, because of that! I need to train and some good old speaking into a mic and then listening to it is very helpful.
Now, on to the trailer!
It's my beatdown of Suckerpunch, the newest Zack Snyder epileptic killing gig, and boy, it looks shallower than a poodle in the desert, but it has girls in school girl uniforms and swords, so all is forgiven.

Suckerpunch, a trailer commentary by Oten

Original Trailer and transcript after the jump

And this is the original trailer, without my magnificent voice

And it's safe to assume that this is my commentary on the SuckerPunch trailer, the most boner inducing trailer since Avatar trailer was screened at a furry comvention.
I'm not, i'm just try to hide my erection!
All the weapons you niet? WTF does that mean?
I know what i'm starting right now...
From the director of Watchmen and 300 its 300 on crack for hetereosexual males.
Here being there and into my pant, right?
There's being held by the cookie monster?!
Heavy weaponwery!
Rock and roll guy!
More explosions!
(This is your journey) Into my pants?!
(NEXT YEAR) The hindenburg blows up in HD!
Why the fuck does that giant samurai has a gatling gun?! THat does not make sense at....PANTY SHOT!
(unprepared) I'll bring a spare set of trousers, don't worry mr. trailer.
I hope i'll be prepared for rapidly flashing images, cause boy, i'm getting dizzy!
In time for my birthday?! COOOLIO! Girls, guns and explosions, never a wrong combination, at least in my book

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