Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Future Favorite Movie Of 2011 For Mr. Oten

Now, i may be a wonderfull Geek Overlord and all... but if there is one thing i know is... my friends... and Oten is my friend. Which leads me to this... i believe that this movie will change Oten's life... i mean... c'mon... let me show you the plot of the movie...

An evil alien bong crashes on earth. Its intent; world domination. Our stoner heroes are transported to the alien bong home world and held captive by nude alien beauties. Their only hope to escape and save planet earth; EBee, the original Evil Bong. The original whacked out cast of stoners from EVIL BONG 1 + 2 returns.

I mean... c'mon!??!?!  How cool is that?!?! And besided... it's in 3 fuckin D!!!!!!!

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