Monday, 3 January 2011

What do George Michael, Faithless and The Kelly Family have in common?

I will tell you what they have in common... THEY ARE AWESOME!!!

These musics were landmarks when they showed up on our thingys that showed pictures and sounds.

George Michael - Papa was a Rolling Stone

Why is it awesome? It has an awesome beat to it, the video is as cool as the 90's can get and the lyrics are sweet...

It was the third of september
That day I'll always remember, yes I will
'cause that was the day that my daddy died

Sweet, soooooo sweeeeeet!

Faithless - Insomnia

How can you not like this? The 90's rave-trance-whatever you want to call it just brings a tear to my ears. The Beat is awesome... and the lyrics... c'mon... the lyrics... see for yourself.

Getting stressed, making excess mess in darkness
No electricity, something's all over me, greasy
Insomnia please release me
And let me dream of making mad love to my girl on the heath
Tearing off tights with my teeth
But there's no release, no peace
I toss and turn without cease

I can't get no sleep...

The Kelly Family - Fell In Love With An Alien

If i have to explain this shit to anyone i will kill them all.

The moon went to bed, the sun growing red
A scarecrow appeared, and chased her in fear
She sent me her love, her love to me
And then we did grow, a big family 
C'Mon Now

I fell in love with an alien
I fell in love with her eyes
I fell in love with an alien
I'm telling you no disguise

How can you not LOVE THIS!?!?!?

The 90's were awesome to music...

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