Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Record Labels To Pay For Copyright Infringement #Sonsofbitches

From Slashdot:
innocent_white_lamb writes"Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc., EMI Music Canada Inc., Universal Music Canada Inc. and Warner Music Canada Co. have agreed to pay songwriters and music publishers $47.5 million in damages for copyright infringement and overdue royalties to settle a class action lawsuit. 'The 2008 class action alleges that the record companies "exploited" music owners by reproducing and selling in excess of 300,000 song titles without securing licenses from the copyright owners and/or without paying the associated royalty payments. The record companies knowingly did so and kept a so-called "pending list" of unlicensed reproductions, setting aside $50 million for the issue, if it ever arose, court filings suggest.'"
I like the part about them setting aside $50 million for the issue "if it ever arose" (read, if they couldn't get way it), and then paying just 47.5 million, do the math...
Just to remember people that you should, morally, kick any person that defends or is part of the music industry in any form that is not connected or essential to the existence, production and promotion of good music. And Lawyers, always kick lawyers in the nuts, it's your moral, existential duty.
If you buy music, and you should, buy used (or second hand) cds from small retailers, at fests or directly from the artists, don't feed the parasites.

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