Monday, 3 January 2011

And now for some different geekary: Pervy Manga Edition

So there is was, reading an article at Forever Geek on hipsters (a.k.a., scum of the earth) (linked from here at Terra dos Geeks), my eyes wondered to an article about the best anime of 2010. Being that during my formative years I was a rabid fan of anime, but have since falling out of love with the medium, so I checked it, out for old times sake.
And I got stuck at number ten:

Generic Manga Hottie on the Cover, check!

Yes, it's that kind of Manga...
"My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute
There’s no denying that the majority of people that identify themselves as otaku watch anime, and a lot of anime viewers are probably otaku. For all of the lonely single male otaku out there, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute gives you the hope that there are pretty girls out there that like anime as much as they do. It’s also a laugh for hardcore anime fans considering all of the references in it."
I thought, what the hell, let’s check it out. And even better, there’s a manga version.
What are my thoughts on it? It’s the usual fan service, random nonsensical perversion lanced manga. So I read all the volumes they had at Go check it out, you bunch of sickos!
Your friendly neighborhood pervert Oten, signs out.

Originally posted at Terra dos Geeks by yours truly.

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