Monday, 3 January 2011

Thor - Trailer Oficial [Comments by Oten]

And an old fan favourite is back, if by fan you meant nobody and by favourite that nobody cared, now with 80% more fun and 100% more English.
Yep, it’s my Thor commentary in English!

Check out the original video and transcript of my comments after the jump...

And here is the original trailer.

And the obligatory transcript:

The text on the screen is lying, beware
Rain, thunder...I wonder what this is about...
Is about a man sitting down…
People being thrown around…
More rain and thunder...
Guys having there ass handed to them by an Abercrombie and Fitch model on steroids,
And that guy looks familiar...
Abercrombie and Fitch model which apparently had its fighting training in Badassville, and being a black belt in Krav Badass Maga.
I’m goddamm Batman! I mean Thor!


I've sacrificed my poker night with the guys...
And lack of personal hygiene…
The horror of red eyes in photos, really i hate those.
...and did i mention the smell?
…And should shave!
You are unworthy of that pimped out hammer!
…to New Jersey!
Run, Natalie Portman!
I've had worst thing to look at when I wake up, after being cast out of my trans-dimensional techno-magical city…or my parents basement.
Seems like a far out place dude!
Things going boom, that’s my kinda movie
Things going boom bomty boom!
Wet t-shirt contests, not the kind of wet t-shirt contests I like…
More things go boom and Natalie Portman running, they should make a gif out of that.

Enjoy, comment and insult!

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